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There's a little oddity on the GNOME desktop, which you might notice when you unmount a USB device. When you right-click on the USB icon and move the pointer to the relevant option, you're faced with this:

I can either unmount the drive, eject it, or safely remove it.


What questions would go through a newbie's mind: Is unmount the same as eject? Does "safely remove" imply the other two aren't safe? Do I have to do all three in the right order? Why the hell would I want to "Stretch Icon"???!!!

No doubt there's someone out there who can explain the subtle differences by pointing to some obscure resource somewhere, but the same was once said about a rather user-unfriendly example that may be familiar to some:




One thought on “You can read, peruse, or scan this post

  1. Great point! I saw this very thing the other day and had a WTF moment… Its little things like this that cause Linux newcomers grief, I think. Perhaps a good candidate for Ubuntu’s ‘One Hundred Papercuts’ project?

    At least it is more streamlined than Windows 7 where you must navigate to the system tray, find the USB icon (hidden by default) and then select the device amongst various other devices including your main HDD… huh??

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