Poll results: Most used version control systems in Eclipse

Eclipse logoThe poll has been closed. After over 100 votes, Git has emerged as the winner, although not resoundingly so. The only notable "other" was ClearCase with about 6% of the vote. The final results table is below.

Git 35%
CVS 24%
Mercurial 22%
Other 12%
Perforce 5%
Bazaar 2%

Thanks to all those who took part! Maybe I should take another poll: who has the best logo, Eclipse or Git?

Edit: See the previous post to find out why Subversion is not included in the results.




6 thoughts on “Poll results: Most used version control systems in Eclipse

  1. I’m a huge Git fan and I would like to see that percentage approach 100%, but I have a hard time believing any poll of this kind where SVN does not even appear to have placed. I can rattle of the top of my head several companies which together probably comprise around 2% of all Eclipse users all by themselves, which use Eclipse with Subclipse or Subversive.

    Basically, although I would *like* it to be true, I find it absolutely impossible to believe that BzrEclipse has more users than Subclipse and Subversive combined. Or alone. Or even one tenth of one of them.

    1. Adrian,
      I was writing a comment almost identical to yours until I learn’t that the poll was for non-SVN version control systems – hence my comment back to Karl.

  2. Aaah,
    to prevent the uncontrolled choking reflect amongst those readers enjoying their lunch at their desks (such as me ;-} ) I think it’s worth you clarifying that the poll was for which ‘non-SVN’ version control system was used in Eclipse.

    It was quite clear in the poll itself, but absent from this results listng.


  3. I’d throw in that mercurial and git are close enough in core abstraction. A vote for one is almost a vote for the other. In otherwords, the gain from the pain of wrapping to git/hg from svn is reusable.

    A question I have is: what will the cvs users transition to? svn or git/hg? That’s not a question for a poll, but a movement to watch for. I think majority will show up in the git/hg pool because open source projects are discovering the advantage of these vcs systems (recently, hibernate and eclipse), and github is growing in popularity as an effective source code peer-to-peer share system.

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