Saros Looks the Bee’s Knees!

In the latest release of Saros, the distributed editing plug-in for Eclipse, we introduce a number of features that improve usability. The first thing you might notice when you power up the new version of Saros is the ability to store and manage multiple XMPP accounts.

Saros account management

This feature makes it much more manageable if you have a number of profiles to switch between. What's more, you can switch between the accounts via a drop-down on the roster view. How much simpler could it be?

In addition to this, the new-look chat view is also available. Much more pleasing to the eye, I'm sure you'll agree, and it even notifies you when someone else in the room is typing (notice the little pencil icon in the image below).

New-look Saros chat

And finally, as you might notice from the session view in that screenshot, there is now the option in Saros to change the default colour assigned to you, should you wish to change it to something more meaningful to you, or something just plain nicer.

Go over to our project website to get Saros today. If you already have Saros, update to version 10.10.29 now! Learn more about how to use it at the official web-page.




One thought on “Saros Looks the Bee’s Knees!

  1. Karl,

    I don’t think it’s accurate to refer to Saros as ‘the distributed editing plugin for Eclipse’, since ECF has had real-time shared editing for Eclipse (with multiple editors support) for well over 3 years.

    I urge you again to consider joining/contributing to ECF with the work on Saros, as I think it will benefit everyone…e.g. Saros get transport independence, multiple account management/support, a number of mature and hardened APIs, and a number of other things, and the ECF community will have a much more feature-rich implementation of real-time shared editing…along with some nice ui development for Eclipse.

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