The Great Saros Documentation Overhaul

I just recently noticed an old blog post of mine from late last year in which I announced the creation of a Getting Started page (referring to it rather grandly as "user manual"). I think it's timely to announce now that the Saros documentation has been greatly overhauled. Not only has existing content been updated or fixed, but a heck of a lot of new stuff has been added, mainly thanks to one of our hard-working students.

The improvements to the "user area", where Saros users can learn all about using it, are all great, but it's the technical documentation where the really superb work has been done. Anyone wanting to know more about how Saros works "under the bonnet" now has a really nice catalogue of details. I've been getting more and more requests from users recently who want to help with development or have even contributed a patch or two, so the "technical area" should really help out there.

It's all available on




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