Epson Printer on Linux: A Shout-out

In my experience, getting a printer to work on Linux is not straightforward. That's usually because the manufacturer doesn't provide a suitable Linux driver, so you have to consult the Internets for something else, maybe a third-party driver or one that works with a model similar to yours (places like are a godsend at this point).

But not so with my latest printer, the Epson BX625BWD, a very nice little all-in-one for a very reasonable price (WARNING: link contains indecent images of very sexy printer technology). I simply went to the Epson website, located the model and was redirected to their Linux driver providers (a company called Avasys). Downloaded the .deb file, installed and the printer was ready to go.

The first time that printer installation was as it should be on Linux: quick and painless. Thank you Epson!




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