Linux likes the Netgear N150… and so do I

In my new occupation, I continue to treat myself to new kit purchase essential new equipment for my business. I've already blogged on my experiences with printers on Linux and now I've started using a new wireless adapter I'd like to give that a shout-out too.

Like printers, I had mixed experiences of wireless adapters during my early days of Linux usage. But I'm happy to report that the first adapter I dropped for worked out of the box and like a charm. It is the Netgear N150, a fairly standard USB adapter that needed no installation and cost me a measly €15.

Incidentally, installing this same adapter under Windows 7 was awful. It was so unnecessarily convoluted and the configuration software is ugly and almost unusable. Linux users win on this one.




4 thoughts on “Linux likes the Netgear N150… and so do I

  1. Sounds great, I might decide to get one as well. But there are mixed reports online. Can you specify which distro and kernel version you used? And which exact module/driver was used? Thanks!

    1. Sure. At the moment I use Fedora 16, kernel version 3.1.9-1.fc16.x86_64. I didn’t need to install any drivers, it uses ath9k_htc.

  2. hi i am very new t linux got it due to windows being rubbish. i have got a n150 but i kepp getting an error message saying the archive manager cant open it. do i have to open it with a different program or what?
    regards james

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