Planet FLOSS Rides Again

I have maintained a blog about my work in FLOSS (and other avenues I've explored more recently) for several years now, in two or three different incarnations. For much of that time, I was one of many bloggers syndicated on Planet FLOSS Research, a website that brought together a number of blogs all on the topic of researching and understanding free/libre/open source software. I got to know quite a few interesting people through this little virtual community and learned much from what they had to say. It even led to a few helpful exchanges.

Unfortunately, the community wasn't kept up-to-date. Entropy crept in. A few bloggers moved their sites or ceased to write, new writers were not added. Planet FLOSS kind of dropped of my radar, but it recently occurred to me that it could be a simple matter to help get the community going again. One email to the hosts later (the Libresoft research group at University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid) and I am now personally involved in this goal, having been given access to Planet FLOSS's server.

What do I hope to do? I want to re-establish the feed for the existing community members: update links where they need to be and hopefully make members aware again of a community that had let the weeds grow quite high. I also want to introduce some new blood into the community, and get any talented bloggers enrolled into the feed. Although the community is called Planet FLOSS Research, I don't think that means we should exclusively cater to academics.

I believe that anyone who considers themselves as having free and open source software as a serious cause or interest is a candidate for involvement. Do you want to get involved? Or share what you have to say? Let me know...




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