Saros: Needs-based synchronisation and a greatly upgraded Whiteboard

I've been so extremely busy the last six weeks that I've had no time to blog. During that time a new release of Saros went out and I almost let it pass without telling you about it.

Version 11.12.9 of our distributed development tool (the final release of the year) is now available. This is a particularly exciting release because, in addition to a number of very important bug-fixes, there are a couple of great new features.

The first feature is needs-based synchronisation. With Saros you already have the ability to share just a subset of files with your peers, so that you don't have to spend time sending huge amounts of data over the network. Until now, this meant that if you wanted to collaborate on unshared files, they needed adding to the session manually. Now, with needs-based synchronisation turned on, Saros will monitor the files you work on; when you begin editing an unshared file, Saros will instantly and automatically share the file with everyone in the session.

The second feature is really a group of new features. The distributed Whiteboard has been upgraded with numerous new features, including:

  • Line drawing
  • Arrow drawing
  • Adding text
  • Adding shared annotations
  • Drawing in your user colour

And finally, a bug that prevented multi-user chat from functioning when connecting to OpenFire servers has been thoroughly squashed.

You can install and update Saros from Eclipse: For more information visit

On behalf of the Saros team, have a Merry Christmas!




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