And, WordPress hackers, just in case you’re interested…

... here's how I made the earlier slightly tricky change.

Using this tutorial page I changed the front page of the site into a static page, which sat at "".

But I wanted the front page to be at the root of the domain, so I skipped over to this other tutorial page. This one guided me through the process of redefining the root of the URL  -- a very nice little feature of WordPress -- so that the "/blog" part of the URL is no longer visible (to the public).

Now I can work on my plans to expand the site into something more than just a blog, using WordPress more like a CMS than a blogging platform. Watch this space for new content!




2 thoughts on “And, WordPress hackers, just in case you’re interested…

  1. Hi Karl,

    Thanks for the link back to my site regarding the “moving” WP instructions from sub-directory to root. Glad that was helpful!!! Good luck. Look forward to following you.

    (aka Ask WP Girl)

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