New trainings available: HTML5

I've recently added another subject to my collection of flagship trainings, this time it's HTML5.

The focus of the course is the bunch of new features offered by HTML5, as well as the changes to existing ones. HTML5 also mandates somewhat of a change in the "approach" to producing web documents and applications, and the course addresses this also. For more information, see my Training page.

This overview of the curriculum is as follows:


  • HTML Basics
  • The problems with HTML4 and XHTML
  • The road to HTML5

New Tags and CSS

  • Header tags
  • Inline elements
  • CSS (border-radius, box-shadow, transition etc.)

Semantic markup

  • Header
  • Nav
  • Article
  • Figure
  • Aside
  • Section
  • Footer


  • New properties (placeholder, autofocus, autocomplete etc.)
  • New input types (email, URL, numbers etc.)

Web Storage

  • Local storage
  • Session storage
  • Web SQL
  • Indexed DB
  • JSON

Offline Applications

  • The manifest file
  • Offline events
  • The application cache
  • Scripting offline applications

 Drag and Drop

  • Constructing draggable elements
  • Handling drag events in JavaScript
  • The data transfer property


  • Canvas context
  • Basic shapes (rectangles, circles etc)
  • Paths
  • Text
  • Colours and gradients
  • Images

Audio and Video

  • Formats and codecs
  • Browser support
  • New HTML elements and properties
  • Scripting media elements
Please note that the HTML5 standard is an ongoing work, so this course is subject to changes.



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