Wikidata: Wikimedia’s Game-Changer

Linux User and Developer 119The latest edition of Linux User & Developer (issue 119) has recently been released. This month's edition of the consistently excellent magazine has many features you can find out about on the publisher's webpage.

I draw your attention to this issue in particular because it carries my latest article, "Wikidata: Wikipedia's Game-Changer". You may or may not have heard about Wikidata, but either way there's something for you in this article.

If you haven't heard of it, the article introduces you to this exciting and technically fascinating new project run by the makers of Wikipedia. You'll find out just how Wikidata is set to revolutionise the world's most famous electronic encyclopedia.

If you have already heard of Wikidata, rest assured you'll learn something more of it from the article. I had the good fortune to visit the project's Berlin headquarters and benefit from an insider's view, courtesy of Lydia Pintscher, Wikidata's Head of Communications.

Any good UK newsagent should have it on their shelves. Otherwise, head over to the Imagine online shop and order yourself a copy.




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