Endocode is here!

It's an unmercifully busy time for me right now. I'm up to my ears in consulting and training work, and in addition to that I'm busy founding a new company...

... oh yes, I might not have told you about that yet...

Endocode is here!


Endocode is an awesome new company (but then, I would say that) which provides a range of software services, mainly in the FLOSS arena. I'm just one of a bunch of founding partners who together have extensive backgrounds and experience in open source software development. We're pooling our talent to offer top-quality consulting, development and training services to enterprises large and small.

It's all rather exciting.

As I said at the start, I'm incredibly busy right now. As much as love to write a big long post all about us, I don't quite have the time. Luckily, my co-founder Mirko Boehm has already written the long version about Endocode over on his blog. Get over there and read all about us.




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