Brown Dogs and Barbers: Exclusive samples hot off the press!

  • PDF (this is identical in layout the paperback version)
  • eBook
  • Mobi

We live in exciting times. My book, Brown Dogs and Barbers (which explains computer science to just about anyone who can read), is very close to publication.

The funding drive over the last few months raised enough to produce a professionally designed paperback and ebook, complete with crisp design, beautiful diagrams and an insanely cute front cover. It will be available to buy in places like Amazon and iTunes later this month.

Until then, you can follow the links above to get hold of a sample of the final book...

... and behold the front cover!





One thought on “Brown Dogs and Barbers: Exclusive samples hot off the press!

  1. Congratulations! I just bought my DRM-free ePUB copy at Smashwords 😀

    Great to see things worked out and you got the book published.

    For some reason I believe you mentioned publishing it under a Free license …did I mix something up or did the plans change?

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