Brown Dogs and Barbers – “Could not have come at a better time, nor be better pitched”

The British Computer Society (BCS), the professional body for IT workers in the UK, was kind enough to publish a review of my book Brown Dogs and Barbers recently and gave it a roaringly good verdict - 9 out of 10. Here is a link to the review.

Of course, it's very nice for someone to pay your work compliments, like being called "eloquent" and having an "easy, engaging style". But there are other things in the review which I'm particularly pleased to read because they show that I'm achieving my goals for the book.

For instance, the reviewer agrees with me that the book is "aimed squarely at the intelligent layperson, it requires no prior expertise and sits within the genre of popular science." I'm glad that I have managed to present these ideas in an understandable way that requires no background knowledge.

Furthermore, the reviewer recommends the book to target audiences that I also intended to shoot for: "IT professionals, teachers, parents and their teenage children will all find it an invaluable introduction to the key concepts and their practical application." This is especially nice to read as I now know that the reviewer is in the field of education, working at a British school and active in the Computing at School BCS working group.

In the reviewer's opinion (and mine too) Brown Dogs and Barbers is also a book that's relevant to people already working in IT, stating: "If you have no background in computer science, this book will be a revelation. And if you think you know what computer science is about, this book will invoke connections you may never have considered before."

If you'd like to read for yourself what prompted this review, you can order my book online at Smashwords or Amazon, where there are also samples to try before you buy.




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