Endocode proud to sponsor Free Software Foundation Europe

Endocode has recently become a sponsor of the Free Software Foundation Europe. We proudly do this because free/libre/open source software (FLOSS) is essential to us and the FSFE campaigns on our behalf (and yours too!) to defend and promote it.

We judge FLOSS essential for several reasons:

  • We know that FLOSS is critical for a society like ours, one that is dependent on information technology. In a software-powered world, ensuring that software is a common good for all (and not a secret in the hands of a few) means that people are empowered by technology and not restricted by it.
  • What's more, we at Endocode all come from backgrounds in FLOSS. Each one of has for years been involved with various open source communities and have come together in a company that provides multiple services to numerous organisations - services built on the power of open source software. Without FLOSS, Endocode wouldn't exist.
  • And that power translates into altogether more practical reasons for valuing FLOSS. We know that being able to examine and adapt software gives us the power to do more for our customers and ourselves. We know that FLOSS helps us to reduce costs and increase quality. We see using open source software as the superior way to build large, complex and robust systems.

The FSFE fights many campaigns, such as promoting awareness among the public, pushing for FLOSS and open standards in the public sector, and defending us against menaces like software patents.

Endocode has become a silver sponsor of the FSFE. In so doing, we recognise their contribution and join the many other individuals and organisations (like HP, Intel  and LibreOffice) who want to see the FSFE continue doing its great work.






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