About Brown Dogs and Barbers

Brown Dogs and Barbers is now available to buy at Amazon (UK, USA, Canada, Germany), Smashwords and other online outlets.

Brown Dogs and Barbers is the title of my book about computer science. It explains the fundamentals of the subject in an easy to digest way for anyone - no expertise required!

For more information, read my earlier post.

For a free sample of the book, follow these links:

  • PDF (this is identical in layout the paperback version)
  • eBook
  • Mobi

3 thoughts on “About Brown Dogs and Barbers

  1. This is the book I wished I had written! One of my goals in life has been to explain to non-technical people the wonderful complexities of computer science in terms they can understand.

    I am hoping that this book will help me in my quest to demystify computing for my friends and colleagues. Not only that, but I’m looking forward to reading it myself!

    1. Ian, I share your desire to see as many people as possible appreciate the wondrous complexities of computer science.

      Now that the book is available, I hope you and your friends enjoy reading it!

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