Planet FLOSS Rides Again

I have maintained a blog about my work in FLOSS (and other avenues I've explored more recently) for several years now, in two or three different incarnations. For much of that time, I was one of many bloggers syndicated on Planet FLOSS Research, a website that brought together a number of blogs all on the ... more


Saros @ ICSE (Again!)

Saros and the Freie Universität Berlin will once again be at the premier venue for software engineering research this year. ICSE 2011 takes place in Hawaii. The organisers are now recognising plug-in development as a legitimate and distinct area of concern in software engineering. If you're lucky enough to be there yourself, go along to ... more


Doing the Rounds

(This is an old draft article that I rediscovered.) A while ago, while obtaining my regular fix of Ben Goldacre's pronouncements over at the Bad Science blog, something Ben had had cause briefly to explain lodged into my mind. In a mere couple of sentences, Ben explained what a "grand round" is in the world ... more