A little problem with the OSGi Version class

With the release of Indigo, Eclipse hackers have been exposed to a little change in the API of the org.osgi.framework.Version class. Specifically, a new method: compareTo(Version) has appeared. Prior to Eclipse 3.7, comparing two Version objects was done via the compareTo(Object) method. This caused us in the Saros team to suffer a rather subtle bug. ... more


Saros benefits from lots of new eyeballs

The latest version of Saros (11.9.30) is now available. This is the first version released under my new working arrangement, so despite my reduced capacity to co-ordinate development, Saros continues to live. As the saying goes, "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." For the last couple of months, Saros has benefitted from over a ... more


The Great Saros Documentation Overhaul

I just recently noticed an old blog post of mine from late last year in which I announced the creation of a Getting Started page (referring to it rather grandly as "user manual"). I think it's timely to announce now that the Saros documentation has been greatly overhauled. Not only has existing content been updated ... more