New release future-proofs Saros

As my previous post suggested, the changes introduced by the recently released Java 7 and Eclipse 3.7 caused our project a couple of headaches. After some careful development and an extensive period of testing, we can confidently say that the latest release of Saros (version 11.7.29) works happily with the latest generations of Java and ... more


Solving XStream-related problem

Just a quickie post to advertise a solution we on the Saros team found to a quite serious problem resulting from the release of Java 7. In testing, Saros was functioning fine with Java 6 users, but Java 7 users experienced problems that we only found through looking at the error log: ERROR 2011-07-29 16:43:38,942 ... more


Great new features in Saros

Another release of Saros was made last Friday (version 11.7.1). We're pretty pleased with the new features, added as a direct result of user feedback and requests. The first is a partial sharing feature. When sharing a project, you now have the option to choose a subset of files instead of the sending the whole ... more


Latest Saros release

After the landmark release of Saros several weeks ago, we have spent a lot of time fixing and improving those new parts of our software based on user feedback. Saros 11.5.6 should now have numerous bumps smoothed out and provide a more slick user experience. Feature-wise, we've taken advantage of Eclipse's own security technology (part ... more