Git – A New Training

Git continues to encroach upon the space of existing version control systems. More and more development projects are opting for Git over the likes of CVS and Subversion. But Git is not an easy system to handle. You'll need someone to give you a nice, gentle introduction. I've long since elbowed out all other version ... more


Ruby on Rails – A New Training

In May, I spent a week in Hamburg giving a training in Ruby on Rails. I've already been a team-member on two Rails development projects, and it was as much a joy to teach as it is develop. Ruby is a multi-paradigm, general-purpose programming language that particularly encourages simplicity and elegance in its users. Rails ... more


More trainings. Updates will follow

My intense three-weeks/three-trainings period is now over. I've been all over Germany teaching and training various IT subjects, and now I'm home for some rest and recovery. A couple of the trainings were actually new courses that I offer. I'll write a couple of follow-up posts with details about them later... maybe... I'm enjoying Berlin ... more


Subversion – New Trainings, New Experiences

The latest training I delivered this week was for a client in the embedded software industry who were changing their version control systems from CVS to Subversion. First, I'll just plug the course content a bit, then say a bit more about how it went. I've updated my business website with details of the course. ... more