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Brown Dogs and Barbers


What's Computer Science All About?

Book, Published 2014


Kolab: David and Goliath


Groupware is a tough domain to break into. With competition from giants the likes of Lotus Notes and Exchange, how can an open source offering, like Kolab, ever hope to compete?

Linux User & Developer, Issue 123, 2013


Wikidata: Wikipedia's Game-Changer

Linux User and Developer 119Wikidata is one of the biggest technical overhauls of Wikipedia in its history and the ripples of change will reach far beyond its own shores.

Linux User & Developer, Issue 119, 2012


Berlin: The Open Source Capital of Creativity

Germany's capital is undergoing a tech start-up boom right now. Many say that open source is a critical factor behind it.

Linux User & Developer, Issue 114, 2012

Distributed Party Programming

Collaborating face-to-face still has many advantages over distributed development, but the team behind Saros are working to narrow that gap.

Linux User & Developer, Issue 111, 2012