Doing the Rounds

(This is an old draft article that I rediscovered.) A while ago, while obtaining my regular fix of Ben Goldacre's pronouncements over at the Bad Science blog, something Ben had had cause briefly to explain lodged into my mind. In a mere couple of sentences, Ben explained what a "grand round" is in the world ... more


Reading List

Some books/articles/websites etc. that I have enjoyed reading in the last few months (just to prove my interests do occasionally stretch beyond computers) and which I can recommend: Books Letters to a Young Contrarian (Christopher Hitchens). Just seeing the title of this book was enough by itself to compel me to buy it; memories of ... more


How to Support English Libel Law Reform

Over on Richard Dawkins's website a recent post contains the latest information from Simon Singh's brave legal battle against medieval English libel laws ( He is currently being sued by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) for daring to suggest that the evidence is far from sufficient to back up their claims that chiropractic can cure ... more