Exciting new blog from Mirko Boehm

I've just added a link to Mirko Boehm's new blog, Creative Destruction & Me (see the sidebar). I haven't yet discussed the new blog with Mirko in depth, but the About page promises that it will explore the ideas of open source transplanted into other realms (Open Everything) and contributors are invited. As well as ... more


Planet FLOSS Rides Again

I have maintained a blog about my work in FLOSS (and other avenues I've explored more recently) for several years now, in two or three different incarnations. For much of that time, I was one of many bloggers syndicated on Planet FLOSS Research, a website that brought together a number of blogs all on the ... more


The Return of Padams!

Still talking about blogs, Paul Adams has re-appeared on the blogosphere! I knew he'd come back, and, like Kylie Minogue, he's reinvented himself (right down to the tiny hotpants). Check him out on his new blog.


Ah, I’ve Been Expecting You…

Welcome to the new location for my blog. Until recently this blog was hosted by the University of Lincoln whilst I obtained my PhD. Now that it's completed and I've moved on, I've moved it here. Coincidentally, we in the Software Engineering Working Group at the Free University of Berlin are in the process of ... more