The ideal gift for your computer-illiterate loved one

I'm running a crowd funding campaign right now to raise money for the publication of my book, Brown Dogs and Barbers. It is a popular science title that explains the fundamentals of computer science so that anyone can understand them. Although it's proven informative even to IT veterans (read what Professor Cornelia Boldyreff kindly wrote ... more


RIP Sir Maurice Wilkes

Somehow I missed the news that Sir Maurice Wilkes died a couple of weeks ago. His achievements were many and went beyond computer science, but just within my own field he is probably best remembered for developing the EDSAC computer (the first computer with an internally stored program) and for co-founding the British Computer Society ... more


Should Educators Use More Visualisations?

Not so many years ago, I was one of the people in the education system, spending much of the working day being lectured to. Being a geek, most of my subjects involved mathematical, scientific or computing related material, which is often complex and requires (from me at least) intense objective mental effort to understand them, ... more