Saros @ ICSE (Again!)

Saros and the Freie Universität Berlin will once again be at the premier venue for software engineering research this year. ICSE 2011 takes place in Hawaii. The organisers are now recognising plug-in development as a legitimate and distinct area of concern in software engineering. If you're lucky enough to be there yourself, go along to ... more


Saros @ ICSE

ICSE 2010 is over. Those lucky enough to have gone have had their reward of first dibs on the material presented, so now I can present a brief summary of the paper that we in the Software Engineering group at Freie Universität produced for that conference. The paper is both a way of announcing Saros ... more


(Not) Going to ICSE

My colleagues and I recently had a paper accepted to the CHASE workshop (Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering) at ICSE 2010. The programme details are now available. ICSE 2010 is in Cape Town, South Africa this year, which makes me all the more sad that I can't go. The presentation of the paper ... more


On the Veracity of Sources

When I want to learn about something in free/open source software more generally, there are a number of different types of sources to look towards, each one with their own advantages and considerations, and each with an intended audience. So knowing about all of these types of sources serves as a good indicator of where ... more


CSMR – Day 3

And so CSMR concludes. Still recovering from the conference dinner (surreally hosted in the Hotel Alcatraz, which used to be a prison -- and that's not a joke). Enjoyed it here, conversed with some really interesting chaps, and one or two personal heroes. Let me wrap up with some bite-sized snippets: Acceptance rate of papers: ... more