Manny Lehman dies

Sad news. Professor Manny Lehman passed away a few weeks ago. Someone I would very much like to have met, he was the originator of the laws of software evolution, a subject which served as a foundation stone of my own PhD thesis, thus making me particularly indebted to his contributions.


An Open Source Eco-System?

To summarise the prior writings from my doctoral thesis: I've shown how there are both notable differences and similarities between certain measures of FLOSS repositories (such as number of contributors attracted, rate of contributions, complexity control work, etc.) The pattern of similarities and differences that emerged clearly differentiated one group (containing Debian, GNOME, and KDE) ... more


The Catalyst Effect in FLOSS Repositories

In the course of my PhD studies, I proposed that when a project makes a transition from one repository to another, you could expect to see significant changes to a project's evolutionary characteristics. Indeed, I covered this in earlier posts, discussing the transition from SourceForge to Debian. Here, we saw that the number of developers ... more