Saros benefits from lots of new eyeballs

The latest version of Saros (11.9.30) is now available. This is the first version released under my new working arrangement, so despite my reduced capacity to co-ordinate development, Saros continues to live. As the saying goes, "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." For the last couple of months, Saros has benefitted from over a ... more


It’s all change around here…

Updates have been slow around here for a while, but there's a reason for that. My spare time in recent days has been soaked up preparing for my career change, which I'll explain. I've become a freelancer. To be more specific: a freelance IT professional providing consultancy, training and writing services. It's quite a change ... more


Saros @ ICSE (Again!)

Saros and the Freie Universität Berlin will once again be at the premier venue for software engineering research this year. ICSE 2011 takes place in Hawaii. The organisers are now recognising plug-in development as a legitimate and distinct area of concern in software engineering. If you're lucky enough to be there yourself, go along to ... more


Christopher Özbek and his Flying Colours

My friend and sometime colleague, Christopher Özbek, presented his final PhD defence on Friday at Freie Universität Berlin. I am pleased to report that he was passed with flying colours, being awarded the highest possible grade (summa cum laude?). His dissertation addresses the matter of how to innovate within FLOSS projects, that is, how to ... more