A little adventure with Haskell and Go

I recently decided to brush up on my functional programming skills. My day job increasingly involves building and operating large-scale distributed systems and I became interested in the intersection between this and functional programming. There are all sorts of reasons why using a functional programming language to build distributed systems is beneficial, but I won't ... more


Bruce Schneier and the Lords of the Cloud

I know the title sounds like a Harry Potter rip-off starring everyone's favourite IT security guru, but this is a video of Mr. Schneier giving a talk at Google about the state of security and privacy online. I'll embed the video below (I highly recommend watching it). For those who don't have an hour to ... more


FLOSS alternatives for the post-PRISM era

In this post, I'll describe a few alternative FLOSS programs for any proprietary software you might be using to handle your sensitive data. Exactly how FLOSS makes life harder for peeping toms I'll describe in a follow-up post. (Edit: You'll find  that follow-up post here.) Background In recent months we've learned about how the national ... more