More trainings available via Mixin

I was recently added to the staff of trainers at Mixin, a German-based training company run by Dr. Björn Kesper. My entry into the company means they now offer Java and Eclipse trainings in addition to a whole host of others, including C#, .NET, SQL Server, HTML, CSS and whole lot more. Follow the link ... more


Eclipse trainings available

I delivered my first Eclipse training just before Christmas last year. I'm happy to say that the clients, just under a dozen programmers working for a large German corporation, have reported being "very satisfied" with my two-day seminar. I'm also happy to say I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would, probably due ... more


A little problem with the OSGi Version class

With the release of Indigo, Eclipse hackers have been exposed to a little change in the API of the org.osgi.framework.Version class. Specifically, a new method: compareTo(Version) has appeared. Prior to Eclipse 3.7, comparing two Version objects was done via the compareTo(Object) method. This caused us in the Saros team to suffer a rather subtle bug. ... more