Happy Birthday GNU!

It was 30 years ago today that Richard Stallman announced something kind of crazy: he was going to initiate a project to implement a version of the Unix operating system that was completely free (as in freedom). He called the system GNU (GNU's Not Unix) and his original announcement is preserved here as a piece ... more


FLOSS alternatives for the post-PRISM era

In this post, I'll describe a few alternative FLOSS programs for any proprietary software you might be using to handle your sensitive data. Exactly how FLOSS makes life harder for peeping toms I'll describe in a follow-up post. (Edit: You'll find  that follow-up post here.) Background In recent months we've learned about how the national ... more


Git – A New Training

Git continues to encroach upon the space of existing version control systems. More and more development projects are opting for Git over the likes of CVS and Subversion. But Git is not an easy system to handle. You'll need someone to give you a nice, gentle introduction. I've long since elbowed out all other version ... more


Agile Workers is hiring

Agile Workers Software, a partnership of experienced developers with open source backgrounds, is growing. So much so that we're hiring in order to meet the demands of one of our latest projects. If you like the idea of working for a young, growing start-up in the heart of Berlin, hacking on Android and Linux technology, ... more


Linux likes the Netgear N150… and so do I

In my new occupation, I continue to treat myself to new kit purchase essential new equipment for my business. I've already blogged on my experiences with printers on Linux and now I've started using a new wireless adapter I'd like to give that a shout-out too. Like printers, I had mixed experiences of wireless adapters ... more