Doing the Rounds

(This is an old draft article that I rediscovered.) A while ago, while obtaining my regular fix of Ben Goldacre's pronouncements over at the Bad Science blog, something Ben had had cause briefly to explain lodged into my mind. In a mere couple of sentences, Ben explained what a "grand round" is in the world ... more


Kent Beck Meets Saros

On Friday 19th, a few colleagues and I had a very pleasant Skype chat with Kent Beck. He had been trying to get our tool Saros working, so he could pair program JUnit with his fellow authors, but came stuck on a couple of networking issues. So, we conducted a Saros session with him, helped ... more


Saros Becomes Evermore Insanely Great

On Friday, the Software Engineering Workgroup of Freie Universität delivered the latest release of Saros, the Eclipse plug-in that enables you to use the editor to perform distributed party programming. Version 10.5.28 brings you, in addition to a host of bugfixes, yet another new feature you won't find in competing products (how are liking this ... more


Saros @ ICSE

ICSE 2010 is over. Those lucky enough to have gone have had their reward of first dibs on the material presented, so now I can present a brief summary of the paper that we in the Software Engineering group at Freie Universität produced for that conference. The paper is both a way of announcing Saros ... more


Reading List

Some books/articles/websites etc. that I have enjoyed reading in the last few months (just to prove my interests do occasionally stretch beyond computers) and which I can recommend: Books Letters to a Young Contrarian (Christopher Hitchens). Just seeing the title of this book was enough by itself to compel me to buy it; memories of ... more