Great new features in Saros

Another release of Saros was made last Friday (version 11.7.1). We're pretty pleased with the new features, added as a direct result of user feedback and requests. The first is a partial sharing feature. When sharing a project, you now have the option to choose a subset of files instead of the sending the whole ... more


Saros Paints a Pretty Picture

Version 11.1.28 of Saros introduces a major new feature that has been bubbling away deep in the Saros development labs for a while now: the distributed whiteboard. Fresh out of the prototype stage, the whiteboard is a fully-functioning addition to the Saros feature set. However much it works, we feel it is still largely demonstrative ... more


Saros Looks the Bee’s Knees!

In the latest release of Saros, the distributed editing plug-in for Eclipse, we introduce a number of features that improve usability. The first thing you might notice when you power up the new version of Saros is the ability to store and manage multiple XMPP accounts. This feature makes it much more manageable if you ... more


An Open Source Eco-System?

To summarise the prior writings from my doctoral thesis: I've shown how there are both notable differences and similarities between certain measures of FLOSS repositories (such as number of contributors attracted, rate of contributions, complexity control work, etc.) The pattern of similarities and differences that emerged clearly differentiated one group (containing Debian, GNOME, and KDE) ... more