Git – A New Training

Git continues to encroach upon the space of existing version control systems. More and more development projects are opting for Git over the likes of CVS and Subversion. But Git is not an easy system to handle. You'll need someone to give you a nice, gentle introduction. I've long since elbowed out all other version ... more


Subversion – New Trainings, New Experiences

The latest training I delivered this week was for a client in the embedded software industry who were changing their version control systems from CVS to Subversion. First, I'll just plug the course content a bit, then say a bit more about how it went. I've updated my business website with details of the course. ... more


Eclipse trainings available

I delivered my first Eclipse training just before Christmas last year. I'm happy to say that the clients, just under a dozen programmers working for a large German corporation, have reported being "very satisfied" with my two-day seminar. I'm also happy to say I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would, probably due ... more


First Saros Release of the Year: 11.1.7

Saros development has resumed normal service and last Friday made available its first release of 2011. To quote some interesting passages from the release notes: The integration of version control support (VCS) into Saros has been given its final consolidation. Developers can now collectively work on a project under version control and Saros will manage ... more