More trainings. Updates will follow

My intense three-weeks/three-trainings period is now over. I've been all over Germany teaching and training various IT subjects, and now I'm home for some rest and recovery. A couple of the trainings were actually new courses that I offer. I'll write a couple of follow-up posts with details about them later... maybe... I'm enjoying Berlin ... more


Subversion – New Trainings, New Experiences

The latest training I delivered this week was for a client in the embedded software industry who were changing their version control systems from CVS to Subversion. First, I'll just plug the course content a bit, then say a bit more about how it went. I've updated my business website with details of the course. ... more


It’s all change around here…

Updates have been slow around here for a while, but there's a reason for that. My spare time in recent days has been soaked up preparing for my career change, which I'll explain. I've become a freelancer. To be more specific: a freelance IT professional providing consultancy, training and writing services. It's quite a change ... more