Endocode is here!

It's an unmercifully busy time for me right now. I'm up to my ears in consulting and training work, and in addition to that I'm busy founding a new company... ... oh yes, I might not have told you about that yet... Endocode is here! Endocode is an awesome new company (but then, I would ... more


Subversion – New Trainings, New Experiences

The latest training I delivered this week was for a client in the embedded software industry who were changing their version control systems from CVS to Subversion. First, I'll just plug the course content a bit, then say a bit more about how it went. I've updated my business website with details of the course. ... more


New trainings available: HTML5

I've recently added another subject to my collection of flagship trainings, this time it's HTML5. The focus of the course is the bunch of new features offered by HTML5, as well as the changes to existing ones. HTML5 also mandates somewhat of a change in the "approach" to producing web documents and applications, and the ... more


More trainings available via Mixin

I was recently added to the staff of trainers at Mixin, a German-based training company run by Dr. Björn Kesper. My entry into the company means they now offer Java and Eclipse trainings in addition to a whole host of others, including C#, .NET, SQL Server, HTML, CSS and whole lot more. Follow the link ... more


Eclipse trainings available

I delivered my first Eclipse training just before Christmas last year. I'm happy to say that the clients, just under a dozen programmers working for a large German corporation, have reported being "very satisfied" with my two-day seminar. I'm also happy to say I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would, probably due ... more