YouTube videos still trickling along

Information is both hard and easy to get hold of on the Internet. Getting it is easy; verifying its veracity is hard. The Internet is a double-edged sword in this respect. It's a free and open forum, where anyone can post information in order to educate. There are very few obstacles, like fickle publishers with ... more


Reading List II

Once again, clearing up some enjoyable reading of the past few months: Books Thomas Paine. Rights of Man. One of the original libertarians, a term that has pretty much lost its original meaning these days. The core ideas that came forth from his work, radical at the time, are simple. That rights are inherent in ... more


Should Educators Use More Visualisations?

Not so many years ago, I was one of the people in the education system, spending much of the working day being lectured to. Being a geek, most of my subjects involved mathematical, scientific or computing related material, which is often complex and requires (from me at least) intense objective mental effort to understand them, ... more


The Penguin and the Gnu

Another episode of Computer FLOSS, a YouTube series aimed at educating about FLOSS. This episode is about two flagships of the FLOSS movement (GNU and Linux), how they came to be and how they relate. The Penguin and the Gnu Yes, all right. No series about free and open source software would be complete without ... more