Endocode proud to sponsor Free Software Foundation Europe

Endocode has recently become a sponsor of the Free Software Foundation Europe. We proudly do this because free/libre/open source software (FLOSS) is essential to us and the FSFE campaigns on our behalf (and yours too!) to defend and promote it. We judge FLOSS essential for several reasons: We know that FLOSS is critical for a … more


Distributed Java Programming – A new training topic

I was recently in Hamburg once again to deliver another IT training. This time around the topic was Java, a language I’ve long been familiar with. But it wasn’t just plain old Java; the participants were already well-versed in that. Instead, they wanted to learn how to build distributed systems using Java. Not only that, … more


Brown Dogs and Barbers – “Could not have come at a better time, nor be better pitched”

The British Computer Society (BCS), the professional body for IT workers in the UK, was kind enough to publish a review of my book Brown Dogs and Barbers recently and gave it a roaringly good verdict – 9 out of 10. Here is a link to the review. Of course, it’s very nice for someone … more


Are you prepared for your child’s computing education?

An overhaul of computing education is looming in schools throughout the UK. In recent years – but at least as far back as when I was a pupil in the 1990s – education in computing and computer science within British schools had a rather narrow focus. Children learned mainly about operating computers: using word processors … more


Brown Dogs and Barbers – Available to buy!

Brown Dogs and Barbers, the computer science book for everyone, is now available to buy online. There’s even a new landing page where you can find free excerpts and links to online shops: browndogsandbarbers.com. Right now you can get it from several distribution channels, including Amazon (find it your nearest Amazon outlet, like the US, … more