First Saros Release of the Year: 11.1.7

Saros development has resumed normal service and last Friday made available its first release of 2011.

To quote some interesting passages from the release notes:

The integration of version control support (VCS) into Saros has been given its final consolidation. Developers can now collectively work on a project under version control and Saros will manage the co-ordination between the participants whether they have VCS software or not.

Note that so far Saros is only compatible with the Subversion program. We hope to include other popular VC systems in later releases.

We have also improved the perceived latency of Saros by lowering the interval time between which your updates are sent to your collaborators. In the unlikely event that this causes overload problems for the XMPP server, it can now be configured to a higher value.

Whereas Saros used to enforce the latency of transmitted edits itself (present out of courteousness; after all, Saros can use public servers and we wouldn't want to overload them) we are now passing that power onto you. The rate at which your edits are transmitted to others in your session is now configurable via the advanced preferences, which now comes pre-set to a lower value to give you a more responsive feel. Use your fearsome new power wisely!

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