Great new features in Saros

Another release of Saros was made last Friday (version 11.7.1). We're pretty pleased with the new features, added as a direct result of user feedback and requests.

The first is a partial sharing feature. When sharing a project, you now have the option to choose a subset of files instead of the sending the whole project. This will undoubtedly be of great benefit to those who have been collaborating on very large projects and have had to wait for the data transfer because your partner(s) don't already have a copy. To share partially, go the Saros menu and select 'Share projects'.

Also, we investigated some of the problems with networks that our users occasionally encounter and have introduced UPnP support for enabled routers. Users can add a port-mapping to try and get a better quality (SOCKS5) connection if it is blocked by default.

We've also improved the feedback during the invitation process. Once again, mammoth projects were causing problems, sometimes keeping invitees in the dark for a short while. It's never fun to sit there wondering if your software is still doing something, so Saros will keep you reassured when it's busy.

We hope you continue to enjoy using Saros. If you haven't used it yet and you work with a team on Eclipse projects, why not give it a go? Get it from our update site or from




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