Saros benefits from lots of new eyeballs

The latest version of Saros (11.9.30) is now available. This is the first version released under my new working arrangement, so despite my reduced capacity to co-ordinate development, Saros continues to live.

As the saying goes, "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." For the last couple of months, Saros has benefitted from over a dozen additional pairs of eyeballs. The annual Freie Universität Berlin Software Engineering project saw teams of eager students working on the Saros code under the watchful eyes of the main team. Thanks to the students, 11.9.30 includes tons of new bugfixes.

Once again, a class of students cut their teeth in team-based software by getting into self-managing groups and developing bugfixes, maintenance tasks, and new features for Saros.  Once again, they didn't disappoint. In fact, the only disappointing thing is that only their bugfixes made it into Saros in time.

Their exciting new features will have to wait until next time...




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