The ideal gift for your computer-illiterate loved one

I'm running a crowd funding campaign right now to raise money for the publication of my book, Brown Dogs and Barbers. It is a popular science title that explains the fundamentals of computer science so that anyone can understand them.

Although it's proven informative even to IT veterans (read what Professor Cornelia Boldyreff kindly wrote about it), it's particularly aimed at beginners. I've shared drafts with readers who are firmly outside the computing sphere and the response has been very encouraging. Despite the topic being new to them, my test audience got the hang of the concepts I discuss, concepts that go to the heart of computer science.

So, if you already work in IT, there's every reason to be interested in it. Furthermore, if you have friends of relatives who puzzle over what exactly you do for a living and pester you to explain what you do all day long, you might consider Brown Dogs and Barbers an ideal gift. After they've read it, the recipient will have gained an understanding in the fundamentals of your subject and won't harass you any longer... either that, or they'll have a hundred more questions for you, their appetite suitably whetted.

In fact, my crowd funding campaign has the ideal perk for you. If you contribute €60 (that's about $80 US or £50 UK), you'll get two signed advance copies of the book, one of them already gift-wrapped ready for you to give as a present. The book scheduled to be ready in June, so it would arrive just in time to supply some summer holiday reading.

Go over to the crowd funding page and contribute today.




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