New Saros release: 10.7.30

A new release of Saros has been released today. A lot of new stuff is packed into this one. Firstly, Saros is now version control system (VCS) aware. You now have the choice of sharing a project by sending SVN repository information to your peers, so that they can interact directly with the repository. More ... more


SourceForge Gives Me a Morality Poser

As an administrator on a SourceForge-based project, I was recently sent this email by SourceForge (SF): SourceForge has project settings to help you comply with regulations governing distribution of software to persons from certain countries (aka Export Controls).  We've had some recent questions about these settings, so have sent out this note to all administrators ... more


The Catalyst Effect in FLOSS Repositories

In the course of my PhD studies, I proposed that when a project makes a transition from one repository to another, you could expect to see significant changes to a project's evolutionary characteristics. Indeed, I covered this in earlier posts, discussing the transition from SourceForge to Debian. Here, we saw that the number of developers ... more


An Introduction to Saros

I feel as though I am almost completely adjusted and acclimatised to my new surroundings, and furthermore I am now becoming fully immersed in my new work here at the Free University of Berlin (FU). Therefore, I think I can begin to introduce the new work I am now part of. My research concerns have ... more